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Firms that provide services within the scope of the peer review standards, and issue reports in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) professional standards, must participate in an AICPA peer review. As members of the AICPA, DeMarco Sciaccotta Wilkens & Dunleavy is proud to provide peer review services to other CPA firms.

The goal of practice monitoring, and the AICPA Peer Review Program, is to promote quality in accounting and auditing services provided by the AICPA members and their CPA firms. This goal serves the public interest and enhances the significance of AICPA membership.

Therefore, having a quality peer review and a quality peer reviewer is of utmost importance.

Advantages of Peer Review

The selection of your peer reviewer is critical to receiving the full benefits of your peer review. Ideally, you want to match your reviewer’s experience to your own firm’s experience to achieve maximum efficiency and insight.

A properly performed peer review may allow you to:

  • Enhance quality control policies
  • Compare your firm to your peers and learn from other firms’ practices
  • Enhance marketing efforts by using your peer review report to display your firm’s commitment to quality
  • Have greater confidence in firm practices and procedures
  • Develop more effective audit procedures
  • Identify issues that could deem a financial report materially misleading

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Let our firm leverage our expertise and experience to help you bring efficiency and quality to your peer review process. We believe in sharing ideas and communicating alternatives to current systems to increase the quality and efficiency of your business processes.

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