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DeMarco Sciaccotta Wilkens & Dunleavy

How could a fractional CFO benefit your firm?

When building and servicing your fund is the top priority, it can be difficult to keep up with
your financial, accounting and compliance needs. This is where we can help. We provide you
with a dedicated CFO team consisting of accountants, CPAs, advisors, tax professionals and
compliance experts. In addition to managing your financials, we provide you with a
consistent snapshot of your management company and fund’s overall health. We also keep
you up to date with all applicable accounting, reporting and compliance requirements,
removing this persistent worry from your plate.

Our leadership team consists of experienced industry professionals that specialize in the
private and registered fund industry along with other segments of the financial services
industry. We offer expertise in internal operations but also add the component of the
external CPA firm background. This combination enables our team to have a proactive
approach in all areas of the outsourced CFO functions.